Your Idea? It’s Worthless.

People fall in love with their own ideas. Maybe this goes back to the desire to be special – original – perfect snow-flakes that march to a beat of a […]

The Mental Game Of Success

It’s been an interesting, profitable year so far. One of the stand-out lessons I’ve learned is the importance of having a mental game tuned to success.  Most people think that […]

Things To Be Thankful For – 2011

This has been a year of learning for me. Learning typically isn’t much fun.  Some lessons are hard.  Some humbling.  Some require more of us than we think we can […]

Best Internet Marketing Tools For Business Growth – 2011

What tools do I use in my businesses? The tools I use change from year to year.  In 2011, these are the tools that I’ve found invaluable to my business: […]

The Trafficking Of Traffic

Traffic is a synonym for “visitor to your website”.  And we all want more visitors to our website, right? It pays to learn how to run traffic.  It allows you […]

Happy Independence Day!

I love America. It’s not perfect (far from it) but it’s my country and I love her.  I love the beauty of the country, the freedoms we enjoy, and the […]

A Great Story

Recently, a good friend handed me a book called “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years”, by an author I had never read nor heard of before – Don Miller. […]

The Purpose Of Problems

What do you think are the purpose of problems? To mess up your day? Frustrate you? I think that problems serve us as a catalyst for growth. Some of this […]

Have You Heard About The Facebook?

My social sphere of peeps I speak with and work with live in one of two camps: Direct-response /Internet marketing centric Brick-and-mortar / could-care-less-bout-the-internets centric My friends in the latter […]

Resiliency – Sticking It Out

Life isn’t easy. Doesn’t matter how far you make it – doesn’t matter how much money you have, how successful you become.  You’ll never get rid of all your challenges […]

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